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Film Photography: The Extensive Know-Hows

A 3-Day Extensive Workshop to delve deeper into Film Photography and get insights about various analog processes with Photographer and Founder of The Panchrome Project - Vishal Kullarwar and Abhinav Karhale - ace film developer. From technical know-how about shooting on film to getting hands-on experience to process and scan your own film, this course will help you push your boundaries. A course that has been curated not just for a beginner but for those who want to experience the charm of Film Photography. Conducted at the picturesque Greenara (Kozikode, Kerala).

  • Introduction to Film Photography

  • Basic Understanding of Film Formats - 35mm, 120, and 4x5 formats

  • Film Cameras - 35mm, 110, 120 and 4x5 formats

  • Basic shooting techniques - Manual settings & Compostion

  • Film Processes - B/W, C41, ECN2 & E6 processes

  • Expired Films - Using and Processing

  • Basics of Pushing and Pulling Film - When & How to Apply the processes

  • Film Handling

  • Travelling with Film

  • Film Storage - PreShooting, Post Shooting and Negative Storage

  • Camera: Storage and Maintenance

  • Film Loading and Unloading

  • Processing Films (B/W Processing - Hands-on Experience)

  • Understanding Drying of Negatives

  • Scanning of Negatives (Hands-on Experience)

  • Post-Processing and Digital Integration (Cataloguing on Lightroom)

  • Photo Walks (Day 1 & Day 2) - Guided

  • Q & A Sessions on All Days

  • Interact with Instructors on daily basis for Constructive Feedback and Challenges faced.

Workshop Instructors: Vishal Kullarwar & Abhinav Karhale   (Click Here to know more about the Instructors)
Dates: 5th to 7th August 2024

Workshop Fees: INR 16000 (Incl. Taxes)

The Workshop Fee is inclusive of Course Fees, Material, Stay and Meals on Workshop Days.

Workshop Location: Greenara (Kozikodhe, Kerala)

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