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Know your Instructors

Vishal Kullarwar

Founder - The Panchrome Project 

Vishal, the founder of The Panchrome Project, is a Fashion & Lifestyle photographer based out of Mumbai and Berlin. He has worked with brands like Dove, Lux, Nokia, YouTube, and Sony Bravia, to name a few. His work has been showcased on Photo Vogue, Art Galleries such as Fotonostrum (Barcelona) and prestigious events like the D&AD Awards in London, World Press Photo, and Dubai Media City. With over 18 years in the demanding fashion world, his quest for visual beauty continues to impress. Recently, he was named one of Luerzer’s Archive's 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide for 2023/24 for the second consecutive time.

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Ravi Kiran Ayyagari

Co-Founder - The Panchrome Collective

Ravi Kiran Ayyagari is a Mumbai-based cinematographer and co-founder of The Panchrome Collective. A graduate of FTII Pune, he specializes in Cinematography. His debut feature, 'Lajwanti,' premiered at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival. Ravi’s work has earned acclaim at Busan, MAMI, and Sundance film festivals. He has shot two Netflix series and commercials for Tata Tiscon, Cadbury Fuse, Dettol, and Nestle amongst others. As a photographer and visual artist, Ravi collaborates on projects like ‘Unravelled - A procession through the hidden landscapes of Fast fashion,’ showcased at the Climate Convention Barcelona. Under Professor Kantimati Kulkarni's guidance, he photographed prehistoric microscopic fossils at the Agarkar Research Institute, Pune.

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Abhinav Karhale

Lead Film Developer - The Panchrome Project Labs

Abhinav Karhale Abhinav Karhale is a trained photographer and filmmaker who studied photography and filmmaking, gaining a comprehensive understanding of both disciplines. After five years of working in digital photography, he transitioned to analogue. He currently   works closely with The Panchrome Project under The Panchrome Project Labs, He is inspired by a desire to share the beauty and artistry of film photography with others. This shift was motivated by a need to escape the rapidity of the digital medium and embrace a slower, more deliberate approach to his craft. His commitment to analogue photography has deepened his appreciation for its meticulous and timeless nature, ensuring its preservation and continued relevance in the modern age.

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