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  1. This Service is strictly for facilitating smoother shipping and customs of Camera Gear and Accessories only. We are only serving as a ‘Via-medium’ in faster movement of all shipments, faster process of clearance and lesser paperwork for any individual to carry out.  At the same time, keeping the Custom Rate - Flat 30 to 38% - for any shipment (Subject to conditions. Please refer Point No. 13). This is applicable only for those buying directly from Sellers or any E-Commerce site. 

  2. We are currently operating via USA only and will soon start operations from UK. Shipments from Japan can be sent to our Warehouse in New York. Address is mentioned below. For more details about shipments from Japan please refer Point No. 7.

  3. Shipments to be sent at the following address or use as Shipping Address: 
    Attn: Vishal / Sanjay 
    The Panchrome Project, 
    17715 149th Rd,
    Jamaica, New York 11434-6218.
    T: +1 646 224 0700

    Please view the attachment to see how you can add our shipping address on eBay. 

  4. All shipments will be transported via Air only. No shipments will be available for Sea Transfers.

  5. Our shipping process has been explained in detail via the 'How it Works' Section. 

  6. All foreign currency transactions - Shipment conversions and Custom Duty - are subject to exchange rate applicable for that day.

  7. JAPAN ORDERS: Orders purchased in Japan via eBay or Other Japanese sites can be shipped to our warehouse in New York. The packages will be collected, labelled and shipped to India. If your Seller is offering cheaper shipping options via FeDex or DHL you can get in touch with us via Email for further procedures. A quick tip! On sites such as eBay, you can negotiate on the product cost or shipping cost. You can ask for a free shipping or bundle the shipping cost with the product cost. If your seller is offering default Free Shipping, then you can get the package shipped to our warehouse in New York. 

  8. DHL / FeDEX: If the Seller has a deal with DHL or FeDEX where there is cheaper shipping options, you can get in touch with us via Email. The paperwork required is different. The shipment can be directly sent to our Mumbai office. We would recommend not to use UPS Intl. service to avoid tedious clearing procedures and further delay of shipments.

  9. SHIPPING FORM: Kindly fill all the necessary details mentioned in the form, requested by us. For multiple orders, please fill the form separately for each order. This does not apply for orders that are already clubbed by the Seller or company in One Box. Orders that are clubbed in One Box by the seller will be considered as a Single Shipment. Details such Shipment Dimensions would be needed, if not available, can be left blank. When buying from eBay or similar E-commerce sites, you can request the seller for the dimensions and weight. This will be easier for us to give an approximate shipping cost while the package is In-Transit. 

  10. SHIPPING WEIGHT: The Cost of shipping is subject to 'Metric Weight' or 'Volumetric Weight,' whichever is higher. 

  11. SHIPPING WEIGHT (METRIC): Considering we are not bulk shippers, we will not be able to offer flat shipping rates like B&H or other companies.
    The shipping charges are as follows -
    0 to 1lbs = Rs. 675 
    1lbs to 2lbs = Rs. 1350
    2lbs to 3lbs = Rs. 2025

    and so on, in multiples of Rs. 675 for every subsequent lbs.
    Total shipping cost will be subject to 18% GST. 
    Any package that weighs outside the allotted bracket will go in the next weight bracket. For Eg. If the package weighs 1.1lbs, it will not fall under 0-1lbs but will go in the 2lbs price bracket. These are Standard Shipping norms, applicable worldwide. The rates are subject to change basis of the USD rates.

  12. SHIPPING WEIGHT (VOLUMETRIC): Volumetric Weight is calculated on basis of the packaging dimensions. If the Volumetric Weight exceeds the weight of the Metric Weight then then Volumetric Weight will be taken into consideration and vice-versa. The same is checked when the shipment arrives in Mumbai. Kindly ask your seller to pack the goods well and let it be as compact as possible. We will not be able to offer RePackaging services. Please note any shipment from B&H, the shipping rates will tend to elevate as they do not pack in a compact manner.
    Do get in touch with us via Email for B&H Shipments.

  13. CUSTOM DUTY: All goods will be subject to Custom Duty on arrival. No duties will be waived off for any goods, under any scheme. Custom Duty is subject to change on basis of Port of Origin or Product Type. Custom Duty anywhere between 30 to 38% will be applicable. If a different rate is levied by Customs for any other reason, the same shall be conveyed to the Buyer and the Buyer will have to bear the difference.

  14. CUSTOM SCRUTINY: The Indian Customs has the right to open any package for scrutiny. The Panchrome Project nor any of our associated shippers will have any authority to control the same. With our past record, no shipment has been opened so far. 

  15. ESTIMATION: We will provide an estimate which would be an approx. cost of Shipping and Custom Duties, when the shipment is In-Transit to India. This is based on the data provided and the calculation done at our shippers warehouse. The shipment will be rechecked at our shippers warehouse in India and the Final cost for both - Shipping and Customs would be provided.

  16. The Panchrome Project will not be responsible for the quality of goods or quantity, purchased by the Buyer from any sites such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon or any other E-Commerce platform or store. 

  17. For any hi-end equipment purchase and products other than cameras or lenses, kindly get in touch with us, via Email, prior to confirming the order. This will help the Buyer understand the procedure and same can be conveyed to the Seller.

  18. The Panchrome Project will track shipments only for the sole purpose of understanding timelines of incoming shipments to the warehouse and will not be liable to track shipments at any given point as purpose to follow up or any form of correspondence with any sellers of the shipments due to delay
    of shipments.

  19. The Panchrome Project will not be responsible for any shipments lost, once the Seller or any company has shipped off. If shipments are lost in Transit, kindly update us about the same via email and same to be checked with the Seller or the Company.

  20. Please note we do not open any packages once they are shipped to our warehouse in New York or our office in Mumbai. The packages are shipped As-Is. 

  21. SHIPPING CONTENTS: Restricted or Banned Products such as Chemicals, Explosive materials, Pornographic Material. Etc. will be discarded, if found. Any other goods or products bought that are not permitted or do not fall under the Category of Camera and Camera Accessories such as Films or Developing Chemicals, will not be shipped and will be discarded. The Panchrome Project will not be responsible for the same.

  22. The Panchrome Project will not be liable for any damages at source. If goods are not packed properly or damaged at source, it is the sole responsibility of the buyer and the seller, from where the goods have been purchased. It would be best, if the buyer informs the shipper well in advance about packing instructions. Warnings such as – 'Fragile' or 'Handle with Care' need to be mentioned if Lenses or Delicate cameras or any item that are prone to breakage will be present in the package.

  23. Any goods that are damaged or in non-working condition, returns of the same are sole responsibility between the Buyer and the Seller.

  24. Additional Shipping charges would be applicable from our office to the Buyer’s destination. The cost of shipping will be borne by the Buyer and its subject to weight of shipment. Any urgent shipping to the Buyer’s destination will be available on an Additional charge and on Actuals.

  25. All shipments will be released against 100% payment of the International Shipping Charges, Custom Duties, Processing Fees, Local Shipping Charges and applicable taxes if any.

  26. The Approximate time of Delivery of goods will be from 5 to 10 business days from the day shipment arrives at our warehouse in New York. Any delay in arrival at our warehouse, for any reason, will affect further delay in the shipment deliveries to India. Please note that delays such as Flight cancellations, Flight rerouting or Custom inspections can delay the delivery process. 

  27. Once a shipment is confirmed and our shipping service has been opted by the Buyer, no returns would be possible thereafter. The Buyer will have to bear the applicable costs associated with the shipment.

  28. No cancellation of shipments would be allowed once the shipment is in transit or has arrived at our office.

  29. Any State Taxes or VAT applicable in US, Japan or EU, will have to be borne by the buyer.

  30. We will be charging a flat fee + 18% GST for Processing all the shipments from Start to End (Warehouse to Home Delivery). You can read more about the charges on the 'Pricing Page.' 

  31. If any individual wants The Panchrome Project to purchase the goods on their behalf, 18% GST would be applicable on the cost of the goods on and above the other charges such as Shipping, Custom Duty, etc. 

  32. For any query, you can get in touch with us via Email and WhatsApp or Call on +91 9820271403


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