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The Panchrome (from PanChromatic) Project is a community based project built to strengthen and grow the analog community in India by trying to make films and chemicals more accessible. Over the years, we have studied some of the International Analog Communities and compared to them we felt the Indian Analog Community still needs growth and an impetus when it is buzzing with such great talent. This includes seasoned Photographers as well as Novices who are getting their hands on the Art. Our goal is to have everyone experience the beauty of different films as well as get hands-on experience of developing. Hence we gave birth to The Panchrome Project!

We noticed that there are many who require film and chemistry but due to high import costs or availability issues, cannot get their hands on such raw materials or specific products they want to or love to work with. That’s where we thought we could come of assistance! We have our trusted vendors and film enthusiasts based across different countries. And with our associated shipping company, we will be able to import shipments quicker and at a much affordable rate. We felt that when we have the sources at hand then why not put them to use! 

​Since we have just started this project and would like to see how we can scale it in the months to come. Along with the E-Commerce module and we have also worked on the Consolidate shipping systems where we have done collected shipping for various users. Get in touch with us to understand how this works! Come 2023, we will be incorporating refurbished cameras in our list and speciality films such as X-Ray Films, Direct Positives, etc. 

​Being a community driven project, we have kept minor markups as we do need to to cover our operations cost such as the payment gateway, electricity for our fridge, etc. Furthermore, as a small gesture from our end and a way to give back to our world, we will be donating 1% of the MarkUp to ‘SHARE-THE-MEAL’, a UN initiative to feed a hungry mouth in distressed areas of our planet. 

Currently these are the products that we will look at procuring – Fresh and Expired Film Stock and Film Chemistry (Only as per requirement). The film stocks will be 35mm  (Transparency and Negative), 120 and 4x5 only. As of now, we already have a list of around 75 different expired films that would be available and there are more to be added in the months to come. Fresh Stocks will be added every month. Expired Film that is rare to get, is something we are specially working on and gets us excited. Films such as Efke PL or Agfa or even Large Format Readyloads. Let’s not forget the beautiful Kodak Cine Films! 

​We are working on the backend now to streamline this project as much as possible. Do connect to our social media profiles for updates on new films and additions.

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