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  1. The Panchrome Project has associated with Abhinav Karhale to kickstart The Panchrome Project Lab services and with Darkroom8 (Malaysia) as well. 

  2. The lab services and associations are to streamline film processing and scanning in India as well to achieve better quality of results. This has come from multiple requests from our customers. 

  3. The Panchrome Project holds no rights to any of the individual businesses. 

  4. All invoices are subject to 18% GST.

  5. All rolls sent for processing (immaterial of the Lab) will have to be labelled in the following format:
    Full Name
    Film Name 
    Push / Pull Details

    Unlabelled rolls will not be processed ahead.

  6. Addresses for Sending Rolls -
    for DARKROOM8 (Malaysia)
    Address: The Panchrome Project
    C/o - Vishal Kullarwar
    A/7, Silver Queen Apts.
    Soonwala Agiary Lane,
    Mahim (W), 
    Mumbai - 400016. Maharashtra.
    M: +91 98202 71403

    The Panchrome Project 
    C/o Abhinav Karhale, 
    E-903, Kalashree, Nanded City, 
    Pune - 411024. Maharashtra. 
    M: +91 9168717457
    Kindly send on the right address basis of your lab choice. Incorrectly sent orders will be subject to additional shipping charges.

  7. All rolls will be processed under the mentioned timelines for each lab. Timelines mentioned in the form are subject to change basis of Public Holidays in each country.

  8. Order number needs to be mentioned on the shipping label below the address and phone number. The order number will be sent along with the invoice. 

  9. It’s important to mention if the roll is expired and on what ISO rating it has been shot on.

  10. Darkroom8 orders will be dispatched every Friday or basis of volume. We will close each order on Thursday night. All orders received on or post Friday will be subject to the next order dispatch or volume. 

  11. The Panchrome Project Lab or Darkroom8 are not responsible for incorrectly exposed images.

  12. Blank rolls due to any reason will not be subject to any scanning.

  13. All rolls will be sent ahead only post completion of payment terms

  14. Negatives from Darkroom8 will be dispatched post arrival in India.

  15. Negatives mentioned under “discard” will be discarded within 7 days of processing and scanning. If you would like to claim the same, you can do so by writing to us at or Whatsapp on +91 98202 71403

  16. Damaged or poorly stored rolls or damaged canisters can have poor effects on the final results. The Panchrome Project or Darkroom8 are not responsible for such results.

  17. For any query, you can get in touch with us via Email and WhatsApp or Call on +91 9820271403


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