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Terms & Conditions

1. Cost are inclusive of Shipping, Customs, Delivery and applicable Govt. Taxes.

2. All films are cold stored at our end from the time of arrival of shipment to the final delivery.

3. All orders will be fulfilled against full payment.

4. Orders once confirmed, No cancellation or refund would be provided unless the film or chemicals are out of stock at source.

5. We cannot guarantee the final result or quality of any film stock whether fresh or expired.

6. The approx. delivery time would range from 7 to 10 days from the date of order booking. If any delay in the shipment due to any possible reason we will intimate you via email.

7. Express or Urgent Shipping will be available on additional charges.

8. Shipping to buyers destination will be charged additional based on the quantity. Conditions Apply.

9. Individual bulk packages subject to change in Shipping cost. Additional cost based on Volumetric weight will be charged on Actuals. Cost applicable post arrival of Shipment.

10. Any changes, if applicable, in Custom Duties will be subject to additional charges on Actuals.

11. Curated films are available only till stock lasts.

12. Local Shipping on Urgent Basis will be charged on Actuals.

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