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CineStill 800 Tungsten has a light-sensitivity of ISO 800/30° at 3200K tungsten light. So photographs are possible at "natural" tungsten light indoors for atmospheric, warmly rendered colours without flash.

This film is unique and closing a gap in the film market. Because of its high light sensitivity and adjustment to tungsten light this film is perfect for available-light photography like street photography at night: Photographs in clubs, bars and at concerts.

Because of its wide exposure latitude it is also a very good choice for Holga and Lomography cameras when they are used under available light conditions. CineStill specifies an exposure range of EI 200/24° to 3200/36°.

CineStill 800T is based on Kodak Vision3 500T cinema film. But CineStill has developed a patented process to remove the Remjet backing layer of Kodak cinema films. Therefore this film can be developed in C-41 process by any high-volume photolab, professional lab, Minilab or at home.

Cinestill 800T

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  • Color Negative


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