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Experience the control and satisfaction of developing film using the inversion agitation method with the large 1500S LAB Kit L Starter Film Developing Kit from JOBO. Manual rotation processing is made possible with the elegant roller base included in this set. Simply load your film (in complete darkness) onto the adjustable, plastic reels and insert the reels into the light-sealed, daylight tank. The thermometer is suitable for both black and white and color processing. 20 and 260mL graduated cylinders are used for measuring chemistry, which is then stored until needed in the two, 1000mL scaled storage bottles. The JOBO Cascade Film Washer offers maximum efficiency coupled with a minimum of water usage. After processing, you can hang your film to dry with the four, film drying clips. More than one clip is provided so one may be used for hanging, and another as a weight to promote flat, curl-free drying.

Jobo 1500S LAB Kit L Starter Film Developing Kit with Roller Base (Large)