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The JOBO color processor CPP-3 enables semi-automated processing of film and paper.


Each available color and black&white film can be developed with the chemistry of your choice.No matter whether you are shooting on 35 mm film or roll film 120, the CPP-3 in combination with the 2500' tank series is the professional's choice.


If you are a large format photographer the CPP-3 is even more important for you. sheet film in sizes 4x5“, 5x7" and 8x10“ can be processed in the legendary JOBO Expert Drums on the CPP-3 rendering flawless processing results with unmatched evenness.

In addition to film processing the JOBO CPP-3 allows for very efficient paper processing of both black & white paper and color paper. The CPP-3 is fully compatible with the large paper drums for either 28 x35 cm /11x14" paper (#3062) or 50x60 cm / 20 x 24" (#3063). Especially for paper color processing in RA-4 the exact temperature control of the CPP-3 offers impeccable and repeatable processing results..


Tank and reels are necessary but not included


Key Features

  • Process Color or B&W Film and Prints
  • Enables Semi-Automated Processing
  • Six, 1000mL, Scaled Solution Bottles
  • Four, 260mL Graduates
  • One Adjustable Roller Base


Jobo CPP-3 Film and Print Processor Kit with Lift

SKU: PC-JB4089
  • - 5x 135-36

    - 6x 120

    - 12x 4x5” / 9x12

    - 6x 5x7"

    - 5x 8x10"

    - PAPER up to 50x60cm (20x24")

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