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The JOBO SilverBase Processor makes developing your own black-and-white film in rotary processing as easy and cheap as never before. The compact device impresses with its simple design and the JOBO-typical elements. A power plug provides power to the unit to allow rotation of the magnetically coupled tanks in either direction. Changing the direction of rotation ensures that the entire surface of the film is washed particularly well and at the same time avoids the formation of bromide plumes. The compact electronic control including the motor is enclosed in a small housing that has the exact dimensions of the 1510 tank.


Since the JOBO SilverBase does not have a water jacket, it is very compact and economical. Since black and white development usually takes place at room temperature, the JOBO SilverBase is perfectly suited for this. The development of film in rotary processing uses only half as much chemicals as tilt development and leads to absolutely reproducible results due to the constant agitation. Just 120 ml of developer is required per film.


All tanks from the 1500 series can be coupled to the JOBO Silverbase, as well as the 2520 tank from the 2500 series. This means that not only 35mm and roll films can be developed in the JOBO Silverbase, but also 4x5" sheet films with the 2509N reel in the tank 2520.


Key Features - 

  • Rotary processing
  • Reproducible results
  • Economical and ecological 
  • Magnet drive
  • Perfect for B&W film processing

JOBO SilverBase Basic with Tank 1520

  • 8 to 10 Business Days

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